Pubio in action

Here we present you our first application. As small and simple as this tool is knitted, there are some real use cases. For example, this tool can be used to monetize various digital content on a website where data transfer plays a role. The interesting thing is that the time from the payment process to the confirmation is very short. Furthermore, this tool could be used as in our case as a donation tool.

Instructions, please read before use: This tool is optimized for the PC and may not work on smartphones. Another requirement is an IOTA Trinity Wallet. Send at least 1 MIOTA with the Trinity Wallet (important: otherwise the application will not work) to the address "Wind" or "Sun". You must enter at least the specified [6 letters] as a message to start an animation. If you enter the [6 letters-your name], then your name appears in the driver table. The speed of the transaction is also displayed in this driver table or the speedometer. Please be patient, it takes a while until the driver table loads or the animation starts for the first time, because all transactions of this address have to be read out and we have not optimized the tool yet. The driver table is sorted according to the amount of the payment. We reserve the right to delete entries in the driver table that violate laws or constitute hate speech. Have fun by testing the car named "Pubio". Everything donated here will be used exclusively for the further development of the public IOTA project and the lab.

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